Siding in Washington

Siding in Washington asks a critical eye for decoration and function while adding to the exterior appeal of your home. Custom milled and lumber siding comes from quality Washington hardwoods and can be sourced from sustainable mills and origins that treat the environment with respect. The Washington siding we provide comes from topĀ  manufacturing sources with installation guarantees our company stands behind. Look to us for responsible, timely, well crafted siding repairs and siding installation throughout Washington.

Exterior siding trim and base siding carpentry should only be done by skilled professionals. Craftsmen experienced working with exterior siding in the Washington area will know at once how to confront the complex problems that arise during siding repair and installations. We know how to avoid scuffing, re-nail siding to avoid warping, and work with our suppliers to find matching siding for older or out of availability Washington siding. Our qualified siding costs and materials recommendations will incorporate expectations of shrinkage and warping at the home's location.

We routinely install Washington State siding with standards of safety and tools handling to guarantee efficient placement of sawed or milled siding placements. Our years of experience operate to give even better site inspection feedback to our siding customers. Stain color and type recommendations for new siding come free of charge.

We can advise all aspects of Washington siding such as staining the siding to match and profiling with existing siding and wall details. Exterior siding can match interior trim work and beams to create a thematic effect that will enhance the value of any home. Examination or previous roofing or siding may be necessary to indicate what additional repair or siding adjustments should occur. Asbestos shingles may need special handling as well. Cupping and curling can occur in Washington siding when inexperienced or hurried hands do the siding job.

Washington climates have siding use that creates challenges for wear. The special extremes of frost, moisture, and extended rainfall builds problems such as multiple leaks and cracks in existing exterior siding. The condition of exteriors and existing siding is part of our inspection and quote process, incorporating the previous Washington siding now left in place. Removal of siding and contingent installations of new siding and related siding issues will be anticipated in the service quote. Washington siding should be installed using recommended products which have been tested through years of use and former siding installations. Addition of rigid insulation for cold Washington winters can be added or factored into the re-siding job.

Siding installation in and around Washington requires basic safety standards learned from years of qualified experience. Weathering and excessive sun exposure is factored into our comprehensive siding strategy. Our policy is to pay special attention to areas where two materials meet with the possibility of leakage or core structural damage, such as roofing and siding, windows and flashing, and penetrations inside roof or walls. We provide extra sealants and caulkings with our siding installation to make sure the atmospheric envelope inside the home remains intact. Attic insulation from siding gaps and heat leaks from faulty siding and roofing are also of serious concern.

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