Siding Costs

What does a typical siding job cost in the Pacific Northwest.

You may not have a clue what a siding replacement project will cost . I will generalize on the numbers to give you basic cost of a siding Replacement price in our area .

1. The typical 2500 square foot home will have 2500 - 3000 square feet of wall area. This is the amount of siding on your home . I will use your wall area as a means to calculate painting cost and siding replacement costs based on a very simple calculation.

·      Siding area X Price per Square foot of material=Siding

·      Siding Removal is included in our calculation.

·      Paint costs will run about $1-1.25 a square foot.

3. Siding costs using fiber cement like James Hardie Siding known as Hardiplank cost about $4-$5 a square foot in our area this includes the tear off of the old siding and waste removal as well as new home wrap which is really important.

4. So a typical house goes like this siding 2500 SQ FT X $4= $10,000

Painting add 2500 Sq Ft X $1.00 =$2500

Total job costs $12,500 for a typical home.

These numbers are basic so you can adjust them . If you decide to reduce the scale of the job by only doing 1 side (which we do not recommend) your cost will increase dramatically. In our experience the larger the scale of work the more economical to do the work .This is because of time to set up (mobilization) cost the same whether you do 10 square feet or 2500.

For example if the job for the whole house is 10,000 then the 1/2 the house could easily cost 7-8000.

The best value is to do all the work including a new paint job . That way you can be sure that you will not have go back and do a tremendous amount of rot repair.

We have resided over 1000 homes in Seattle siding, Bellevue Siding , Renton Siding , Kirkland Siding.


Options for siding can be per square foot or by sawmill pallet cut, with wood clapboard costing the most, with cedar shingles and T-111 and stucco following after. Mahogany and other woods are expectably at a premium. Siding can be applied vertically or horizontally and this will play into cost by dimension. Primed unpainted ends and rough lumber can be treated before siding begins. Exposure space gages assist us in installing great protection against winter climates and weather year-round.

Paint and stain renders clapboards more rugged and resistant to water, but the application of stain and paint and its cost adds to the overall siding project costs. Back priming can extend lumber wear and finish coatings. Demolition will show where this need is strongest. Moisture stains, rot, and warping will give the siding installation crew good hints as to where to work in more concentration of siding finesses. Brushwork and insulation application factors work into the quote as well. Obviously, stain colors will apply to wood grain choices, and paint solids will apply to vinyl or metal siding.

Overlap is important when composing the cost the cost of siding job. Vinyl and aluminum are extremely moisture resistant but do not contribute to the aesthetic of the natural wood flat or cross grained visual effect. The finished lay on the exterior walls should be pleasingly complete and not markedly non-uniform in appearance. Fading, scratching, buckling or cracking is a concerned when pricing vinyl siding for an exterior home project. Back-priming of clapboard materials can occur when requested or specified in the work order.

Board and batten methods and plywood may not work as well as some hardwoods for an area like Bellevue Washington and the preferred practical siding materials required.  Where vinyl siding can be employed, working from the bottom up our contract employees can quickly address the materials to the wall and roof, sheathing and window channels. Starter strips and sheathing go on before the vinyl siding is applied. Keep in mind staff trained to install hardwood metal and cement fiber siding will have and different siding skills than vinyl siding installation contractors.

Professional installation reduces gaps and ensures cost probable and time efficient siding installation. Drip caps and furring strips are expertly applied by out experienced staff. Some owners prefer decorative corner posts. Gutters and gables can be positioned for maximum aesthetic and practical purposes. Wood restorations and siding rot repair and replacement of deteriorating siding can be discussed and planned. The siding customer may elect to replace entire sections of the wood siding but due to costs infill other areas with epoxy and consolidator for a firm finish that prevents further rot.

Fireproof exterior siding can be an insurance credit and can allow insect-free fire protection. Exterior siding which has fiber cement masonry can be considered for homes with particular fire risks. Wood siding can pose a fire risk unless the area is as moisture rich as Bellevue or Seattle, Washington. Some tinted pigments can also be used that function as anti-combustible treatment. But all siding costs will compare little against potential damage to exterior, interior and broader structures of the home due to lack of repair and siding replacement.

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