Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is a siding material made out of 3 ingredients 1-cellulose (wood fiber) 2- Sand and 3- cement. It is an excellent product for use on the exterior of your home because it does not rot  or crack like cedar wood and it will last much longer than wood for a lower initial price . The other major factor is that it looks good and is paintable.

There are 2 main manufactures that make fiber cement in our area :

James Hardie known as Hardieplank. This was the leader in developing the material and has been around over 100 years.

James Hardie offers a 50 year product warranty for home owners and comes with an array of designs.

CertainTeed is the other company they make a product called Weatherboard fiber cement also offers a 50-year warranty. 

Working with fiber cement siding.

2 people are required to install this siding because of the weight. A special diamond cutting blade or electric shears are used to cut the material. Nailing will need to be done using an air nail gun.

We have successfully installed fiber cement siding on over 1000 home with no problems.

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